Monday, September 12, 2011

A Day at the Beach

So we decided to take a day to play Labor Day weekend, since we have been either traveling back and forth between Bellingham and Newberg, or have been working to get unpacked and moved in. I made the executive decision to find the nearest beach on Saturday, so we traveled the 65 miles or so to Lincoln City. It is a great Oregon Coast town, complete with tourist shops, seafood restaurants, and best of all... a beach or two. (There is also an outlet mall, but fortunately for my pocket book when Nicholle asked to go, the kids were already wet and sandy, so we were in no condition to shop!) We did however notice one particular difference between Oregon coast beaches and the beaches of Bellingham and Birch Bay, SAND! Usually the weather can be a little unpredictable, with fog and cool windy temperatures being the norm. But Newberg was over 90 degrees, and the weather in Lincoln City was 80 Degrees and sunny with only a hint of a breeze, the perfect day! (annecdotally, I guess Sunday and Monday the fog was pretty thick all day) The kids had a great time!
The big waves from afar.....
Franny's "fear" as they approached (notice the size)
Juan doing what Juan does best.....we're just not sure what it is...
Happy kids that slept well on Saturday night!
We have decided to do more beach exploring in the future, and should anyone else decide to go, feel free to stop by, we are on the way!

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CTR Books & Gifts said...

such great pictures. I love seeing you guys it makes me think you're not that far away.